27 Photos That Break 所有 the Composition Rules but Still Rock


迈克·潘尼克(Mike Panic)

是一位专业摄影师。请参阅他的网站,网址为 迈克·潘尼克摄影.

I’很抱歉不得不这么说,但是你’我将不得不向我解释其中的90%“打破所有构图规则”。大约有3个打破了“Rules of Composition”在我看来,但总的来说,这些是有效使用构图规则的好例子,例如三分法则,线条,图案等。其中许多似乎只是有趣的角度和并列,但几乎没有“Break The Rules”.

Most 组成 tutorials (or photographers for that matter) will tell you to shoot from unusual perspectives in order to make a photograph interesting. That has nothing to do with 打破ing 规则 at all.

I would enjoy seeing your comments for each individual photograph. I was expecting to learn from this, but became confused as I could clearly see the 规则 of 组成 in place.

Please tell us what 规则 are being broken. Just showing the pictures, as good as they are, really tells us nothing. If you are trying to teach us something, you’需要提供一些实际信息。


我同意Mike Wilson和SirCake。如果您可以解释违反了什么规则,那就太好了。而且,我认为这些“rules”只是准则而已’不必遵循。我发现大多数照片都很棒!

文章标题应该是“如何创造性地改变三分法则。”这就是大多数这些图像所做的。他们没有’在大多数情况下,“break” any 规则–at least the 规则 I’已经教过了。他们摇滚。一些非常好的主意。

相当不错的图片,因为我们周围的人都很友善,’t care about 规则 – that’摄影之美。

I kept scrolling with the expectation that the next one may 打破 any 规则.. all snaps are good .. no offense.. but none 打破s “All” 组成 规则


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