Forget 高动态范围 软件! Start Creating Natural, Clean 高动态范围s With Digital Blending

A few years ago I ran an 高动态范围 photography magazine. I regularly tone mapped my images for years, using just about every 高动态范围 program out there. Yet, over time I became unhappy with the results. I started demanding more from 高动态范围 software. I didn’只是想增加图像中的动态光范围。一世 […]



5 Important Tone Mapping 提示 That Will Improve Your 高动态范围

Tone mapping is at the heart of what most people consider to be 高动态范围 photography. Although we have a wonderful array of tone mapping software at our finger tips, it isn’用它创造美丽的东西一定是一件容易的事。吉米·麦金太尔(Jimmy McIntyre)的格洛斯特大教堂(Gloucester Cathedral),随着成排的滑块向我们尖叫,[…]